What makes the Firkin Fest so special?

  • It is a unique beer sampling event like no other in the Mid-Atlantic!
  • We are featuring rare cask-conditioned ales plus other brews by each of the brewers
  • Brewers are offering non-production, one-off brews not available elsewhere
  • Brews are naturally fermented and carbonated in the vessel that it will be served from
  • This is the old-school way of tapping and venting of each firkin at the event
  • It is a rare chance to experience how beer was served 100+ years ago
  • Each participating brewer will feature one firkin and other seasonal beers from their brewery

Why is it more expensive than other beer festivals?

  • The Gettysburg Firkin Fest will deliver a unique beer sampling event like no other in the Mid-Atlantic Region. We are featuring 20 rare, cask-conditioned ales that are non-production, one-off brews unavailable elsewhere or not typically delivered in this manner.
  • They are naturally fermented and carbonated in the vessel that it is served from. These take the brewers months to plan for and produce.
  • We will be tapping and venting each cask on-site, just the way beer was served 100+ years ago!
  • This promises to be truly something ‘firkin spectacular’, in our humble opinions. Prost!

Where is the Gettysburg Firkin Fest located?

Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

Inside Historic Valentine Hall (Administration Building)

61 Seminary Ridge

Gettysburg, PA  17325

How much are the tickets and what do they include? 


    Gettysburg Firkin Fest 2015-55  Gettysburg Firkin Fest 2015-120  FirkinGlass

VIP Admission: TBD for 2017

Evening Session 6-9pm – (limited to 250 guests)

In addition to being special because of the limit of just 250 guests, each of our guests will receive a collectible premium tasting glass (not a basic pint), and creative cuisine by two local caterers.

Designated Driver: TBD for 2017

Collectible premium sampling glass (not a basic pint) for gourmet soda and bottled water (no beer or cider sampling allowed), and creative cuisine by two local caterers.

Is the Gettysburg Firkin Fest going to be like a giant bar?

Not at all. The goal of the Gettysburg Firkin Fest is to allow attendees to taste a variety of new brands and different styles of beer. To allow guests to taste these rare craft beers, samples are poured in generous three-ounce tasting portions. To compare our serving size, the Great American Beer Festival serves one-ounce tasting portions

Do I have to pay for samples or is there a limit to how many samples I get with my ticket?

Nope! The admission price includes your unlimited samples!

Will breweries run out of certain beers?

Occasionally, a brewery will run out of a certain beer, especially given the limited nature of the firkin product. The beer may be overly popular with the other guests. Luckily, there are 20 beers and ciders to sample. If you miss a beer this year, you will have to remember to try it early the next year!

Is this a family event? Can I bring my children and pets?

No. This is a 21+ only event. No one under age 21 will be admitted. ALL attendees, regardless of age, will need to present proper State ID and wear a wristband. All attendees must be of legal drinking age to participate. Children, babies and pets are not permitted.

Can someone under age 21 enter the Fest as my Designated Driver?

No. This event is strictly 21+. Anyone entering the fest, even as a designated driver, must be age 21 or older. No one under 21 will be admitted. ALL attendees, regardless of age, will need to present proper State ID and wear a  wristband.

Can my designated driver have a beer sample?

No. Designated Drivers are not allowed to consume alcohol. They can have unlimited soda and water!

Can I bring in beer or other alcoholic beverages?

No. Outside food and drink are not allowed.  You may purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages from the food vendors.

Intoxicated Guests

All guests of the GettysburgFirkin Fest are expected to sample responsibly and ensure they have a safe, responsible means of transportation before leaving the facility.

Any guest who is intoxicated before entering the event may be denied entry to the facility without refund.

Any guest found intoxicated within the event and causing a disturbance, as determined by management, will be asked to leave the facility without refund and may be subject to further consequences.

Is the Firkin Fest canceled if it rains?

Nope! We are indoors, so don’t worry about the weather!

Is there parking?

Yes, but some walking will be necessary. Limited parking at Lutheran Seminary (behind Valentine Hall and in the Museum/Event Parking Lots).   Additional street parking along Springs Avenue.

Regardless of where you park, please DO NOT walk through our neighbors’ yards to get to the Firkin Fest– we know it’s tempting but would you want hundreds of people walking through your yard at home? Thank you!

Will there be tickets for sale at the door the day of the festival?


There are 250 tickets available and tickets will NOT be sold at the door if we sell out in advance. Watch our Facebook and Twitter feeds for the latest on ticket counts as we get close to the event

Will any of the breweries run out of beer?

It is possible that a brewery may run out of a popular beer before the fest ends- especially the rare firkin brews. Breweries try their best to plan accurately for these festivals, however, sometimes very the popular beers sellout. We cannot guarantee that a particular beer will be available the entire span of the session.

What can I bring in with me?

Personal cameras/ camera phones – pictures are encouraged! A pen – In fact, we recommend it for keeping track of your favorite beers/breweries so you remember for later.

What can’t I bring in with me?

You are not allowed to enter the festival with: weapons of any kind, illegal substances, outside food or beverage -including alcohol, glass containers of any kind, large backpacks, fireworks and explosives, instruments and laser pointers, picnic baskets, lawn furniture, tents, pets (except service dogs), professional camera or video equipment, coolers of any kind. You are not allowed to bring beer in for “trading”.


Seminary Ridge Museum Tour

Exclusive access! Don’t miss your chance to visit the famous cupola atop the Seminary Ridge Museum one of the most historic buildings in Gettysburg. You will ascend to the attic of the museum and climb the stairs to the famous cupola, where you will see the view that Union General John Buford saw on July 1,1863-the first day of the battle. Once in the cupola, you will have approximately 15 minutes to take photos and take in the amazing view. INCLUDED WITH YOUR FIRKIN FEST TICKET!)

Firkin Tips / What To Expect:

Plan ahead for transportation – It is important to have a plan for how to get safely home from the test. Please arrange a designated driver, take a taxi, or take public transportation if possible.

Bring cash for merchandise and souvenirs – It’s always faster and easier on our vendors if you bring cash!

Have an idea of which breweries you want to hit first – Breweries bring a set amount of beer, so some styles may run out and not be available for the entirety of the event. Plan ahead by making a mental or physical list of the beers you don’t want to miss to ensure you get to taste them!

Don’t drink on an empty stomach – food is available inside the venue.